All our products are Easy Clean as well as being unaffected by water or moisture.

The instructions below are for our wall and celing panels. Read our specialist Flooring Fitting Instructions.

Before you begin

  • Make sure area is well ventilated during installation and for some time after.
  • In most cases, panels can be applied directly over existing wall surface. For uneven surfaces, please review this document.
  • PVC panels can be fitted directly to existing sound flat surfaces including tiles and plaster.
  • Apply a clad seal kit to seal bath and shower trays.


  • The surface must be free of any grease and dust.
  • Cut the panel to size, working from left to right.
  • Apply the adhesive directly to the rear of the panel & carefully place in the required position on the wall. A plumb line should be used.
  • Press gently and hold in place for a few minutes to ensure the adhesive bonds with the wall surface.
  • When using in a shower cubicle it is recommended that a bathroom grade fungicidal silicone is used on the back leg of the fixed panel prior to the next panel being slotted into place.
  • We recommend that the bath/shower is not used for 24 hours following panel installation to ensure adhesive is fully set.

Finishing Trims

We recommended that 2-part finishing trims are used, in which case the back part of all trims should be fixed prior to the fixing of any panels. Once all panels are in position, fix the front part of all the trims into place.

Colour guarantee:

All products supplied by are printed with natural paints and hardened by UV-light. Quality of our products is checked daily. There may, however, be small differences of colour shade due to manufacturing conditions. Please check every pack in daylight prior to use. Any complaint filed after installing the panels will be rejected. As the panels are a printed product batch differences may occur on colours. Any issues with batch differences must be notified to within 24 hours of order.

Things to be aware of

  • All products supplied by should not be exposed to direct sunlight before fixing (may cause thermal distortion) and should not be fixed in temperatures greater than 35°C or below 5°c.
  • All products supplied by are heat resistant up to 60°c. Therefore application behind cookers is not recommended as this may result in thermal distortion. A stainless steel heat plate should be applied to this area.
  • For a perfect finish is recommended to use the finishing trims.