One of the great benefits of PVC panels is their tremendous ease of maintenance when compared with the traditional tile.

 Traditional tiles are fine, however over time grot and grime can build up.

Mould is also a big problem with traditional tiles particularly in bathrooms as there is a lot of damp, humidity and lack of air circulation.

It is not only unsightly but also a laborious endeavour to remove, necessitating an arsenal of cleaning products at your disposal as well as a good industrial sized can of elbow grease. Not an ideal way to spend an afternoon, I think you'll agree.

PVC panels on the other hand are easy to maintain, and can be kept spotlessly clean with the absolute minimum of effort. The grouting in traditional tiles can become discoloured giving an unsightly grimy appearance.

Grouting can be extremely difficult to clean, as grime and mould can really get embedded. This can be avoided by using PVC panels. A quick wipe with a cloth and some cleaning solution and your panels look as if they had just been installed.

No hours spent on your knees slaving with a damp cloth in your hand with the water trickling irritatingly down your arm, as the weekend just drifts away from you with Monday morning looming ominously on the horizon...

PVC panels are a winner. They are easy to install and are not heavy and cumbersome like traditional tiles. You'd need arms like Hulk Hogan to feel comfortable lumbering tiles around while preparing to fit them.

But the real benefit I observe is the sheer ease of maintenance the fact they avoid becoming grimy over the months and years with a semi-regular application of a damp cloth with the cleaning solution of your choice now and again.

It is a good feeling that comes with having a bright, fresh and clean bathroom. PVC shower and bathroom panels can contribute greatly to the overall hygiene of your walls as mould and general grime that can accumulate on regular tiles can be avoided.

PVC shower and bathroom panels from the Bathroom Panel Store are 100% waterproof – they will not swell, rot or bend. I must also add that in these tough economic times that PVC panelling offer a far more cost effective solution than regular tiles as they cost a fraction of the price. Plus they are so much easier to install. They are available in a variety of attractive designs and styles that will suit your individual taste and are easy on your wallet.